Master of constructivism

Finnish artist, painter and printmaker Paavo Kauramäki, born in Helsinki 1929, was among those artists who moved in to the Myllypuro Artist Village in September 1973. Since then he has been one of the leading forces in our society, always bringing the good spirit.

Paavo Kauramäki's long and successful career has made him very influential artist in Finnish Art and Culture life. Since years 1960 having completed his studies at Helsinki’s nationally acclaimed institute, the Art Industrial college, he started to develop his very own style on the field of constructive painting.

During 1970-90 Paavo Kauramäki worked as the leading colour designer at the Tikkurila Colour Industry. He worked a lot with architects designing urban planning. He gave very vivid, lively outlook to the Kontula district in eastern Helsinki and to the Kaukajärvi district in Tampere. He participated also Mäntyharju, Kaskinen and Uusikaupunki town urban plannings as colour designer. Several of the old wooden railway stations in Finland has got new colour image after Paavo Kauramäki's work.