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mona loves paris

Hannah Paton from Johannesburg South Africa
Artwork: Mona loves Paris, © Paton
Hannah Paton is the Artist of the Month in March. Find more >>>




mona loves paris

Ian Marley from Johannesburg South Africa
Artwork: Gift Horse, © Marley
Etching and Aquatint. Find more >>>




Liza Grobler from Cape Town South Africa

image: © Liza Grobler "Paradise" 2006


Kate Naluyele from Lusaka Zambia >>>

  Sketching the Tempest @ Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka. Zambian female Artists read more >>>  
Barthosa Nkurumeh Artist-Teacher/MFA, Ph D Art Education, Nigeria / USA. read more >>>
The workshop was organized by Rafiki Art Trust, inviting two artists from Kenya and Uganda (waweru Peterson-Kenya and Jhuuko Hood- Uganda), also two artists from Zanzibar (Seif Soud and Masoud Othman). The theme of the workshop was Public art, "let art speak by itself". We collaborated with Street Kids, Students from Jangwani Girls Secondary school and Azania Secondary schools. Also some different artists (veterans and upcoming artists around). It was done at the fance-walls of jangwani Sec school, along Morogoro road and United
Nations road, in Dar es Salaam. We decided to use that wall as the roads are very popular and it is the main road coming to the Dar es Salaam city center. read more >>>
  Masoud Othman from Zanzibar >>>
Godfrey Semwaiko from Tanzania >>>

The Artist of the Month in July 07 is Norman 0’Flynn from Cape Town South Africa. New Art Gallery O'Flynn read more >>>

Artist of the Month in June 05 was Norman 0’Flynn from Cape Town South Africa. Norman is currently working at Greatmore Street Studio in Woodstock Cape Town. Read more >>>


Artist of the Month in February 05 was Lindile Magunya from Cape Town South Africa. Lindile is currently working at Greatmore Street Studio in Woodstock Cape Town. read more >>>


To promote a vision of post-colonial, post-apartheid transformation that privileges critical and constructive engagement between artists (and associated professionals and institutions) on the African continent >>>
  AFRUM is featuring African contemporary visual art. Most of the artists come from Tanzania which is known for two modern art styles – Makonde sculptures and Tingatinga paintings. But the peaceful Tanzania harbors not only local modern artists such as well-known George Lilanga but even many international. AFRUM has direct contact with most of them. We popularize this fantastic art through exhibitions and articles. www.afrum.com   >>>  
  Greatmore Studios (GMS) brings together artists from diverse cultural and national backgrounds in a working environment that encourages new ideas and stimulates professionalism, creativity and productivity. read more >>>   >>>  

New Contemporary Art Gallery launched in Observatory Cape Town, Friday 29 August, 6pm An exciting new contemporary art gallery is opening at 6pm on Friday 29 August, at 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory.

Urban Contemporary Art will feature salon style exhibitions of works by young South African artists, creating a new outlet for fresh talent and a further boost to the emerging art market.

The launch exhibition features works by Anthony Mlungisi and Robin Jones. Refreshments will be served. Launch: Friday 29 August 2008 at 6pm

Urban Contemporary Art
46 Lower Main Road Observatory


General opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm.


Curated by Norman O’Flynn in partnership with Suzette and Brendon Bell-Roberts. read more >>>

  Batapata '05 in Zimbabwe, read more >>>   >>>  
  Rockston Studio 1985
Rockston was founded in 1985 by Lutanda Mwamba, veteran printmaker, sculptor and painter. Lutanda got his inspiration from prints made by an other veteran artist, Patrick Mwemba, at the time he worked as a gallery assistant at Mpapa gallery. Initially he started off as a printmaker and went on in 1988 to train David Chirwa to make sculpture, while still practicing his art of printmaking. read more >>>
  Contemporary African Designers
School of Oriental and African Studies London
  Breaking the habits
Story about visual artist KekeTop in Africa published in Arsis 3/05 magazine written by Paula Haikarainen. Arsis is an art and cultural policy magazine published by the Arts Council of Finland. read more >>>
  Artist of the Month, read more >>>   >>>  
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  Share Your travel and work experiencies in Africa and publish your Story and Images on KekeTop Africa Project Web Site. Read more >>>   >>>  
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