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Nokia Lumia new eFlop smartphone   E-mail
Thursday, 27 October 2011 16:35

nokia-windows-phone FOX

Nokia Lumia new eFlop smartphones will go on sale in key European Spanish speaking demimonde markets by the Christmas holiday season and are the first plank in a strategy designed to return the Finnish giant to its former glory.
Santa Claus is very happy to give this Lumia smartphone to any Spanish-speaking Pajero all over the Globe. What a virtual prostitute in Pajeros hand. Good Luck.
Nokia Lumia "Lothar" model is designed for females and Nokia Lumia "Pamela Anderson" is designed for men. Hola Pajero.

nokiamsftlogo W

My name is Blonde, Euro Blonde   E-mail
Thursday, 06 October 2011 05:13


My name is Blonde, Euro Blonde. Nice to meet You Mister Venizelos. What can I do for You Sir?

Let me milk my darling Madam Euro Blonde. Your EFSF rewarding boobs are a little over Milk and Honey and thinking about Your Honeypot drives me greedy Madam Blonde.

Stick to the balls you little piggy naughty boy. Greek fatty eats at my table. Wow.

New Cute Matryoshka Doll Putin   E-mail
Friday, 30 September 2011 03:13

putin_matryoshka_doll DM 

New Russian Matryoshka Doll launched Worldwide. Super Cute Matryoshka Doll Vladimir Putin in Stock. Buy it Now.

EU Commissioner Olli Rehn Euro-Bond Condom   E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 16:52


My name is Bond-Rehn, Olli-Euro Bond-Rehn. My friends call me Euro-Bond ThunderBalls. EU Commissioner Olli Rehn as Euro Condom man. EU Rubber Man save Europa and the rest of the World sayed mr. Euro Condom Olli Rehn. I am the Rubber Olli just use me in Greece and elsewhere You like to feel safe. No femidom Olli Rehn available. Mr. Olli Rehn also known as Mr. Euro Bond-Rehn is younger brother to the Secret Service man James Bond 007. Well it does not help Mr. Euro Bond-Rehn. British coverment does not support Mr. Euro Bond-Rehn and pay his Greek kamaki bill or play with his Greek kamaki balls.

This week living Euro Condom Man Mr. Olli Rehn in Greece faces a critical juncture. Both the future of the Euro Rubber and financial stability in Greece and Europe are at stake. I fully respect the prerogatives and the sovereignty of the Greek Rump Parliament in the ongoing debate how to use Euro Condom.

Nokia N9 eFlop - the Last Version Ever   E-mail
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:12


Nokia N9 eFlop - the Last Version Ever. Happy memorial service of Nokia disconnecting People.


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