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Tarmo is hot and horny guy from Finland     E-mail


This guy is called Mr. Tarmo. Mr. Tarmo is a typical Finnish winter sports athlete. Tarmo is so hot and horny that even frozen ice deck of Lake Saimaa melt down around Tarmo. The axe is with only for chic style. Today many people in Finland consider why Mr. Tarmo was not a member of Finnish Winter Sports Team in Vancouver. Concerning to the master of spectator sports many Mr. Tarmo fan club members are disappointed to Finnish male winter sport team and ask now why Mr. Tarmo was discarded from the team. This guy Mr. Tarmo is a winner man. Not a loser like most of the Finnsh Winter Sport Team participant. At that same time Finnish Sports Team lose the game and wank over Vancouver, Mr. Tarmo worked as an ice-breaker in the lake side of Finland. Who pays this unfairness asks Rumptube.

RumpTube tunes art from Vancouver Opympic Winter Sport Games.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 March 2010 07:43
Mad Dogs and Englishmen     E-mail

To Wank Or Not To Wank. That Is The Question for an Englishman. Mad Dogs and Englishmen wank over Kristian Digby who died after 'solo sex game went wrong'. Wanker and Gentleman, so very British.

Isn't that a joke? Yes, it is a very english joke. Timesonline read more » 

I rope the pink Tony © artist Brokeback Shields home site We all love Lady Gaga

Rumptube tunes art from Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Please, Englishmen, wank over Madonna home altar and save your awful life. Madonna home altar

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 March 2010 04:37
Finnish Winter Sport Team wank over Vancouver     E-mail

halonen_kiekko IL

Applaud and wank over Vancouver Finnish Winter Sport Team shows the commander-in-chief Moomin grandma. Wonderful winter games thank You all. Where is the medal, where is the beef?

tarja_halonen IS

Rumptube tunes art from Vanvouver Olympic Games and Finnish Winter Sport Team. Feel free to tune something about this messy herd.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 March 2010 03:18
SickleBitch has launched new Art Collection 2010     E-mail


Rumptubes favourite artist SickleBitch has launched new Art Collection "PornoOnce" in Barcelona Spain where she used to waste time in Hotel Regencia Colon Irritación.


Hotel Regencia Colon Irritación is the hottest place in Barcelona where You can find SickleBitch face to face. Read more »

Last Updated on Friday, 06 May 2011 05:46
Silver aint a shame     E-mail

finland source

Silver aint a shame but bronze is. VANCOUVER — Finland won the bronze medal in men's hockey Saturday, rallying from a late two-goal deficit for a 5-3 victory over Slovakia. Finland's Miikka Kiprusoff made 19 saves, bouncing back from an awful performance with a solid one. A day earlier, he was pulled in the first period after allowing four goals on seven shots is a semifinal loss to the United States. Did Miikka Kiprusoff earn a bunch of green dollar loosing the game? Ice hockey is business and business is very good business, the casual cheerleader tells us. Wank over Vancouver Finnish Ice Hockey Lion Team peeps sulky Moomin auntie.

Rumptube tunes art from ice hockey. Why dont you do? Tell us the imaginable price of loosing the game.

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 February 2010 13:02

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