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Artificial Dick Lady Gaga     E-mail

gaga Q

Lady Gaga's appearance on the cover of England's Q magazine is causing quite a stir: In the photo, she is seen topless, covering her chest with nothing more than her gloved hands or mesh wiring, and in some shots sporting a bulge in her black pants that is presumably a strap-on.


SiclkleBitch used to have a drink with artificial Lady Gaga at the Hard Cock Cafe go »

Dont panic. Its only Lady Gagas artificial Dick. Normally Lady Gaga keeps it inside the holy hole. But now her hole is in service and U will see her artificial Dick outside, one gossip tells us. Enjoy. RumpTube tunes art from Lady Gagas Dick. Why dont U do? Tune some nice mess Lady Gaga Dick images and email to Rumptube.

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 March 2010 08:25
Get a Baby from Mengele Design in USA     E-mail

brokeback Brokeback was designed by her parents with help of a fertility clinic. Do You like her? She (alternatively he) is beautiful and competent. She-he tunes Fine Art and pick up Ladies. And She-he has something to suck for Scotty Lago. Artist Brokeback Shiels home site

Yes that old Nazi Dream is finally True in USA. Design a new human. Beautiful and healthy decent consumer. The Fertility Institutes clinic has just started offering prospective parents the opportunity to select physical traits of future offspring thanks to "cosmetic medicine". FantaFanta. BBC read more »

RumpTube tunes Art from Fertility. Why dont You do? Design a Dream Baby and email Baby image to RumpTube.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 February 2010 07:34
Scotty Lago where did You disappeared and why   E-mail

scotty_lago Source

Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago got a little friendly congrats from a snowboarding fan in Vancouver last night. Scotty where did U disappeared and why? U have something tasty for bitches and U go? Be a man and come back. Yes We Cum. Do not wank over Vancouver Scotty. Rumptube congratulate Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago and his pretty benefactress.

Rumptube tunes Art from Vancouver Olympic Games. Why dont U do?

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 October 2010 07:51
Horny Lenin Mummy talks dirty     E-mail


Horny Vladimir I. Lenin Mummy having bath with his Nazi lover. Yes We Gum. Go Communism


Yes this is my regular job today. Suck me communist Babe. Do me Lady Gaga


Russian Political Peep Show. I am the Man. You are the Boys, fellas. It stands for consummation.


Wank over Vancouver. If I could live today I will be there in Vancouver Olympics. But facts are facts and I am a dead bastard. So, its only syphilis but U will get it and U will like it Babe. Socialistic realism is my mind bloving hair style, pall. Rumptubes occasional assistant artist clairvoyant Russian citizen Repekka Porn has launched brand new Lenin photo series. Lenins Capital. Have a look and fun with that old horny Nazi Bastard. Rumptube creates art from political figures. Rumptube launches great Lenin Art Competition. Just do what U do with your Lenin and send photo to Rumptube. Thanks!

Find artist Brokeback Shields competent works. Home site

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 February 2010 19:38
Wastewater treatment plant in Kaliningrad     E-mail

putin HS

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Fiinlands  Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen at Baltic Sea summit. Which on of those two guys You rust? “Don’t look so grim. Things went well, didn’t they?” said President Tarja Halonen to Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and Ilkka Herlin, the chairman of the Baltic Sea Action Group after the meeting.

Well, Another welcome announcement was the promise by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to continue work on a wastewater treatment plant in Kaliningrad. The project is an important one, because at present, the sewage of about 400,000 residents goes straight into the Baltic Sea. Well, thats Russian Toilet says Ludmila.
Vanhanen also praised Putin for promoting the Kaliningrad treatment plant. In addition to issues directly related to the Baltic Sea, Putin and Vanhanen took the opportunity to discuss economic cooperation between Finland and Russia.

Is Mr. Putin making business dead with Finns about Gas pipe line? Promising something about wastewater treatment plant in Kaliningrad. If so time is high russians to take care of that grimmy pond. Thanks too much Mr. Putin.

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2010 11:05

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