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Tony the pink Pony Blair     E-mail

George W. Bush riding on Tony the Pony Blair, Artwork by Brokeback Shields. more »

Pony Blair and George W Bush riding to Iraq. You know. Charity etc.

I rode the pink Tony the Pony Blair. Artwork by Brokeback Shields. more »

"I rode the Pink Tony the Pony. Make War win Prize. This is not fair game Mr. President Barack Obama. I George W. Bush I am worth of the Nobel Peace Prize. Let me give You a good hint Mr. President. Hit to Norway. Not only Norwegians are unfair but those bastards have oil, Oil. That makes the Army go around. Conquer Norway and win Oil. Be a Warrior, pall." quotation from one Norwegian sheepherder's nightmare.

NATO, connecting people to fraud and misconception. Tony Blair is facing strong criticism after he said he would have gone to war in Iraq even if he had known there were not any weapons of mass destruction. BBC read more » Thank You Tony the pink Pony.

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 December 2009 11:02
US president Barack Obama says skool to the World     E-mail

Artwork: Barack Skool Obama by Artist Brokeback Shields find more »

Skool to the World Barack Obama's way. One Day You are in. The next Day You are out.
Barck Obama: Nobel Peace Prize ‘a call to action’

Artwork: The size of the Thing by Artist Brokeback Shields find more »

The Big Things are big Things even they are private Things. Happy Future.


Last Updated on Saturday, 12 December 2009 09:48
Tuned Amy Winehouse hits back     E-mail

Rumptube associate artist Brokeback Shields tuned new handbag for Amy Winehouse.

"Fantastic, fantastic. My boobs are great as well. I share my Tits. You sluts better share your twats."

Tuned Amy Winehouse with tits hits boobs back. What about Amys tuned tits. Have your rump say. Bitch, pimp u boobs. Photo and email to Rumptube. Hit Amy Winehouse. More Brokeback Shields Art at Saatchi Online go »

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2009 06:04
Canadians Wank-ouver 2010 promises bi-cunnilingual Winter Games     E-mail

City of Wank-ouver gives head over Pimps and lymphic Village People outside Wank-ouver. Ha ha ha! Winter Games Ha ha ha. Go North! Wank over Vancouver Babe.


Cunnilingus tutor Vancouver 2010 Sumac Ridge Smartcanucks

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:58
Borat the Fragrant Vagina Fart     E-mail

Artist Brokeback Shields version of Borat the Fragrant Vagina Fart. Find more Shields art go »

Borat, the trend maker nr. one! Worth of Pamela Anderson! Worth of Fart. Have Your Rump Say.

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2009 06:05

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