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Michael Jackson’s This Is s h i t     E-mail

Michael Jackson’s This Is  S h i t

Artist Brokeback Shields version of This is it. Find more »

The ball-bum, Michael Jackson’s This Is S h i t (This Is It), is a companion piece to the Michael Jackson’s This Is It Movie and features the music that inspired the film, demo recordings and two versions of the previously unreleased song, “This Is It”. Michael Jackson King of the Flop.

What about one minutes Rump shake for Michael Jackson. Shake your Rump and use your video recorder. Well you know where to send that ball-bum master piece.

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Mr Barack Obama awarded the Nobel Prize     E-mail

US President awarded the Nobel Prize? And this aint a joke, man! The Sun read more »

image from

Nobel Prize read more »

Norwegian style arse licking rules OK? Rumptube congratulates. Peace Business rules OK? The numbers on the Cheque could be bigger. But what about your Rump. What does your Rump say? Flatus for the peacemaker Number One. Perhaps lientery. Bottoms up? Have Your Backside Say. And just send your work of rump art to Rumptube.

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Look at that Nigger Bitch     E-mail


Serena Williams certainly served up a surprise on the cover of America's ESPN magazine.

The tennis champion peeled off her usual sportswear to appear completely naked on the cover of the publication's 'Body Issue'. The 28-year-old looks a picture of confidence while wearing nothing but a smile, her modesty saved only by some very strategic posing. Dailymail read more »

That's one hell of a shot, Serena! Tennis champ courts attention with a nude magazine cover.

But what is this all about? Why that Choco Bitch covers her T W A T and T I T S? Are Serena Ws private parts too ugly to show publicly? Is this fair? Spread your legs or go back to tennis court. Show your T I T S honey! Well, Rumptube readers, please tune some nice rump and tit images as options for Serena to show. And remember to email your images to Rumptube.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 October 2009 16:53
Brokeback Shields tuned selfportrait     E-mail

Brokeback Shields is a multimedia artist living and working in Austin Texas. He is pretty boy who adores young Brooke Shields and current Jeff Koons as well as Madonna. He thinks he is the most captivating young artist today as well as tomorrow. Brokeback Shields has no former times only New York Times. Brokeback Shields has launched new images from the Series "Spiritual America". Find more at SaatchiGallery »

To click or not to click, © Brokeback Shields 2009. Find more at SaatchiGallery »
Find also the most tasty candy image by Brokeback Shields. BS performs Brooke Shields. Above image linked from artist Brokeback Shields's web gallery at Saatchi Gallery Find also Brooke Shields by Gary Gross and Richard Prince

Brokeback Shields photo "Me pretty as Brooke Shields" from the Series Spiritual America. The artist himself described the Spiritual America 2009 work, which is in fact a photograph of a photograph taken by another artist, Gary Gross then Richard Prince, as 'an extremely complicated photo of a naked boy who looks like a boy made up to look like a woman'.

A little bit like Brooke Shields but not the same stuff. 'Good business is the best art', Andy Warhol famously said. Brooke Shields controversy: Tate Modern exhibits hardcore porn in same show. Tate Modern removes nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields after police pornography probe. Child abuse campaigners are furious at Tate Modern gallery's decision to show an 'obscene' picture of a naked 10-year-old Brooke Shields. Tate Modern go »

Brokeback Shields has tuned Brooke Shields from the Series Spiritual America.

Brooke Shields by Gary Gross and artist Brokeback Shilds's www gallery at Saatchi Gallery 

Spiritual America Richard Prince Gary Gross

Jeff Koons Made in Heaven porn Star La Cicciolina go for Jeff Koons »

Tate Modern in London UK removes nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields after police pornography probe read more » 

Well, London boys and girls. What do you say? Let your rump snuffle! Just tune a rump image to support Tate Modern or censorship. Its your choice. Remember to send your tuned rump image to Rumptube. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 October 2009 05:31
First off Biennale di Venezia     E-mail

Texas based Curator and Art lover Jam Fuckstuff has organized sponsored and curated the first "off Biennale di Venezia" in Venice Italy as a part of Venice International Art Exhibition.


Moscow based russian jew female artist Repecca Porn is one of Jam Fuckstuffs favourite artists. Repecca Porns mobile "Vladimir Putin works out" is awarded as the best art work in this year. Move cursor over the image to see rest of the image. 

Biennale di Venezia

The 53rd International Art Exhibition, titled Making Worlds // Fare Mondi // Bantin Duniyan // Weltenmachen // Construire des Mondes…, directed by Daniel Birnbaum,  is open in the Giardini and the Arsenale venues, as well as in various other locations around the city. The opening and awards ceremony was held on Saturday 6th June. Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Giardini closed on Mondays, Arsenale closed on Tuesdays) until 22nd November.


Tsar Pushka, the second price winning art work in "off Biennale di Venezia" by Swedish artist SickleBitch. Move cursor over the image to see more.

logo  Russian police hits Aleksandr Shadov russian artist who made a portrait of Vladimir Putin read more » 
Александр Щеднов, задержанный вечером 11 июня, был отпущен из Ленинского РОВД вчера вечером, около 17 часов, хотя в протоколе административного правонарушения записано, что Щеднов был освобожден из РОВД в 9 утра. В протоколе было записано, что Щеднов нецензурно ругался.  http://www.nazbol.ru/rubr1/index0/4200.html 

Rumptube launched international "Pimp your Rump for Art" art competition. If You are Professional Artist or Sunday Painter just feel free to join this wonderful art competition. Best Price will be the very Best. Do it Babe. Dont you forget to send your art work to Rumptube.

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