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Pimp Your Rump for Michael Jackson     E-mail

Hello Michael Jackson Fan. And congratulations Michael Jackson. The Man made Face is gone! But Michael Jackson lives like Elvis. Maybe through Your tuned Rump. Use Your skills and pimp your Rump for Michael Jackson. It can be nice as Michaels Face or just like his Face was.


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 Michael Jackson The King of Backside on the frontside.  Michael Jackson

Rumptube Art Factory Office offers great business idea to Michael Jackson Family. Why dont you call a herd of russian doctors from Kreml Moscow to fix Michaels dead body for eternity. Then put him in to a transparent box designed by british artist Damien Hirst. In a formaldehyde filled box Michaels dead body is floating swinging all day long like a toy. Fantastic. Those guys probably quite costy but they are professionals. Thats worth of Money Idea. What do you say? Then You can finally make money next 100 or more years. Let all people and fun club members to come and bring their money to Michaels Mausoleum for next 250 years. And thats a hell of a lot of money. Michaels Mausoleum in Neverland. Michael Jackson Our Condolencies.

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket Lottery Official web site.

In the meantime you our reader feel free to pimp your arse for Michael Jackson. Dont forget to send it to Rumptube. And now lets sing all together "Michael is my girl, Michael is my girl" continuously!

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Pimp your Rump for Jade Goody Art Competition     E-mail

Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me

Gangsta Sista pimp your Rump, we mean your arse for Jade Goody. Let your Rump go for Jades exitus performance. Squeeze  Art from that all.

Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me Miss me Kiss me

What a wonderful idea, Pal. What is worth of Big Old Mighty Death? Its worth of your pimped Rump image / video. Do it Jades way. “I pimp my Death. I pimp my last Ride” she maybe sayed to her self. Its worth of good money! What a fuck Sista, let your rump go for Jade! This is Business, Babe! Make Money and Fame with Jades Death. Eat your piece of Jade Goody Fame Cake!

Pimp your Rump for Jade Goody. Send it to Rumptube. Get your name famous as a RumpTube Artist. You will get Money Pussy Cock and Fame we foresee and thats more than what? Our russian clairvoyant Alla says that your Rump can be as pretty as Brigitte Bardot face. Think about that and participate ‘Pimp my last Ride says Jade’ art competition. Let your rump go for Big Brother Fame. Do what you do with your rump image / video but email it to Rumptube. Do not lose your chance. Have a beer.

SickleBitch pimps Jade Goody Death Art Performance version “Damien Hirst does not find out his chance” Did he? find more »

AN emotional Jack Tweed fought back tears today as he said goodbye to his wife Jade Goody with a moving poem at her funeral. The Sun read more »

The Cheap Jelly Rump Art Company goes for Jade and Fame! Do it with us Babe! Ars iacta est! Fiat lux!

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Rumptube launched video and photo art competition     E-mail

Rumptube launched video and photo art competition “Roast one Jew Rump every Day”. Well, after Gaza war we have seen a lot of images and read a lot of stories about brutality of Israeli soldiers against civilians in Gaza. This art competition is very simple. Just roast one Jew Rump every Day and documentate it well with your video camera or just shot some nice images with your camera. Write down your Jew Rump roasting performance in few words and email it to be published in Rumptube with your images / video.


Dear Art Competitor

Do it the Israeli Way

Roast Baby Rump 

Yes We Cum

The best art works will be honoured and your future as a Rump Artist will be dazzling. Actually we are very generous in Rumptube Team. We accept also Israeli competitors. We are sure they have the best shots in their private photo and video collections. Israeli soldiers welcome. Yes We Cum.

The guidelines of “Roast one Jew Rump every Day”. Do what you do and send the documentation to Rumptube. Create your user account or send your art work via email rumpbook - (at) - gmail.com You know what to erase from email address.

The first Price is sex with celebrity. You can choose the Celebrity and try to get layed with him / her or it.

Do not take this art competition too seriously. The Livni Olmert Art Company does. Take a beer and pimp your art work.

Read also Gaza City Fireworks Art Performance by the Livni Olmert Company with help of the Israel Army January 09 read more »

Cheap Jelly Rump Company

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RumpTube Community Portal     E-mail

The RumpBook Community Portal is now online. The RumpBook launched 2009 March 9th. There, you will find a constant source of information about the activities of contributors powering the RumpBook Project. Learn about RumpTube Events worldwide, and see if there is a RumpBook User Group nearby.


The famous and for a long time desirabled RumpBook and Videotube finally launched. Join the RumpTube. Now You can Pimp Your Rump (arse) Show Your Rump Show Your Support Show Your Opposition! FantaFanta. Happy Rump Year!

 Is this guy Mr. RumpFace of the Year? Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe  Funny Thumb up


 Its up to You. Vote Yes Vote No. Pimp your Arse for Robert Mugabe  Funny Thumb down
 Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe  » click »
 Democratic Apocalypse - Zimbabwe  » click »
 Mugabe's Calling Card - Zimbabwe  » click »
 Rumours fly after Tsvangirai crash  » click »


Join RumpBook is easy. Pimp Your Rump (arse) Image or Video and send it to RumpBook with or without Description. Greate an account to manage your own Rump Gallery or just send your pimped Rump (arse) image ingognito. Use your name pseudonym no name we dont ask. If You dont want to create an account send your image / message to Mr. Donald S Rump email. Copy donaldsrump - @ - gmail.com or rumpbook - @ - gmail.com and You know what to erase from Donalds email address. Do not hesitate to send your message and image.

Tell Us, please let us know the following Detail: My Rump goes for ..... or, I pimp my Rump for .....  

With funny Thumb up or down You show your Mind. YES or NO

RumpBook accepts .jpg .gif .png images and Flash presentations as well as videos. Max width of image flash video is 640px. Height is up to Your Image.

Create an account or send your Rump image nameless. Mr. Donald S Rump email. Copy donaldsrump - @ - gmail.com or rumpbook - @ - gmail.com and You know what to erase from Donalds email address. Do not hesitate to send your message and image.

Santa Claus supports RumpBook. Please come back and enjoy the most embarrassing RumpBook

Pimp Your Rump (arse) for Vladimir Putin Madonna Hillary Bill Clinton Elvis Barack Obama Osama bin Laden George W Bush Michael Jackson Lenin Madoff Eminem Jesus Pope Papa Kennedy boobsforbarack Dmitry Nikolaevich Medvedev Donald Duck Boobs Wall Street Pentagon Guantanamo Buddha Soviet Union Saddam Hussein USA Afghanistan Russia Lolita Paris Hilton Snoop Dogg Snowman Somali Pirates Shakira Alexander Stubb....By the way who is Alexander Stubb? Anyhow pimp your Rump for him / her You love / hate or just know by the Name. This is Your RumpTube! Shake your Rump.

Cheap Jelly Rump Company at your Service. Rumptube political PopPorn Art Project since 2009.

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Millions of Smiles   E-mail

The RumpTube team has millions of good reasons to be smiling about the RumpTube. In its current incarnation, it's had millions of users, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity.


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 Why dont You pimp your Rump for Michael Jackson?  Michael Jackson

Go on ... get your FREE membership of RumpTube today and spread the word about this benchmark project.

Create an account or send your Rump image nameless. Mr. Donald S Rump email. Copy donaldsrump - @ - gmail.com or rumpbook - @ - gmail.com and You know what to erase from Donalds email address. Do not hesitate to send your message and image.

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