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St Petersburg rod war   E-mail


St.  Petersburg hits back. The invasion of fat booty butch bitches and gay travellers to St.  Petersburg confuses Ivan and Ivana Woina. But Ivan and Ivana Woina are not pussies at all. They have constructed a huge peeeniiiss bridge for perverts. Just sit down and ride it on. U will be satisfied. This is bigger than Ivana Trump sayed Ivan Woina.


This masterpiece of art was created by a Russian artist group that calls themselves “WOiNA” war or Ivan and Ivana Woina.  Thanks to Sean Kernick Two Four Flinching homesite

Fool Liberation Army hits in Helsinki   E-mail


Fool Liberation Army, FLA has kidnapped Artist Jani Leinonen and locked him in to the Showroom Helsinki Art Gallery to act like Food Liberation Army. Fool Liberation Army has only one demand. Free Jani Leinonen and let him go back to mummy. A female member of Fool Liberation Army inflates Jani Leinonen look a like Ronald McDonald just after FLA hit.


Fool Liberation Army, FLA and Ronald McDonald look a like artist Jani Leinonen from the Food Liberation Army.


Brand New Nokia eFlop launched   E-mail


Brand New Nokia eFlop smartphone launched worldwide. Nokia men Stephen Elop and Jorma Ollila praying for Nokia eFlop. Cod bliss Nokia. Market forces do you hear us? Find more »

Tom of Lady Finland   E-mail


Texas based Art Curator Jam Fuckstuff has launched new Series of Art made by artist Brokeback Schields. The Series is called Tom of Lady Finland and it is greated for the new Guggenheim Museum Helsinki art collection. A limited number of art works from the series Tom of Lady Finland are for sale. Artist Brokeback Schields Home Page


That's Queer Bitch to You   E-mail


Merry Club Mess and Happy New Jail Year to You All wishes Santa Claus aka WikiWeaks.


A Santa Claus's got to do what a Santa Claus's got to do sayed Julian the Santa Assange WikiLeaks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Swedish bitch accustoms Santa Julian Assange to Swedish Christmas habits. Do me U dirty Santa Claus Julian! Och samma på svenska.


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